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Real estate confidence still weak, survey finds

31 Mar 2010: Some extra weakness is showing up in the residential real estate and investment market, the latest BNZ confidence survey has found. read more >>

Building consents jump 10pc in Feb

30 Mar 2010: Building consents issued in February jumped 10 per cent, after rising one per cent the month before. read more >>

Power to buyers

28 Mar 2010: A Northland real estate firm has set itself up as a "buyer's agent" - whereby a property buyer pays it to work for them, rather than the seller. read more >>

Snapping up luxury buys

21 Mar 2010: Luxury houses at the top end of the property market are selling fast, with renewed interest in multi-million-dollar homes. read more >>

House prices have room to fall further, says expert

17 Mar 2010: House prices in the world's major economies, which last year were down an average of 5 per cent from 2007, may keep dropping, said Prakash Loungani, an adviser to the International Monetary Fund's research department. read more >>

House prices steady in February, sales recover

12 Mar 2010: House prices are staying steady across New Zealand, says latest figures from the Real Estate Institute. read more >>

Toughest sell starts at home

9 Mar 2010: The hardest part of the process of selling your home is letting go. Once you have done that, the rolling-up-your-sleeves process is just a list of tasks. You can do this two ways: read more >>

Property values have flattened in the last few months, QV says

9 Mar 2010: QV, the government valuation agency, released their February indices today on residential property showing the rate of property value growth in urban areas has begun to slow, even more in rural residential areas where house values have actually decreased over the last 3 months. read more >>

Personal savings present savvy loan option

8 Mar 2010: Before you start house-hunting, you need to figure out how much you can afford to borrow. Part of those discussions with the bank will involve the structure a mortgage might take. read more >>

No boom equals no gloom

8 Mar 2010: The world has just experienced its greatest financial crisis since the 1930s, with international credit availability all but ceasing for a period late in 2008. Economies have had their deepest recessions in decades, unemployment rates have soared, and governments and central banks have responded with huge spending and bank support programmes. read more >>

Trying times

8 Mar 2010: When Auckland, followed by Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, began to wade out of the residential property mire in the middle half of 2009, the provincial cities and towns waited patiently for their turn. But it never really came. read more >>

Housing guide picks out best rental returns

6 Mar 2010: If you fancy investing in residential property, where would you put your money - Herne Bay or Murupara? read more >>

Auckland house prices hit Feb high, says Barfoots

3 Mar 2010: Average prices for Auckland properties hit a February high last month, said real estate firm Barfoot and Thompson. read more >>

Property listings surge, sales stall

1 Mar 2010: The number of new properties on the market surged in February but with buyers "cagey", the number of unsold houses across the country ballooned, the real estate industry says. read more >>

End to Auckland mortgagee nightmare 'some years off'

1 Mar 2010: More than a thousand Auckland homeowners lost their houses in a mortgagee sale last year, an increase of nearly 550 per cent since 2007. read more >>

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