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Building consents fall 9.5pc in May

29 Jun 2010: The number of consents issued for new homes fell 9.5 per cent during May, following a 13.4 per cent rise during April, Statistics New Zealand says. read more >>

NZ needs 10,000 new houses - report

25 Jun 2010: About 10,000 new homes need to be built in New Zealand to keep pace with population growth and ease the current housing squeeze, a report released by Westpac shows. read more >>

Mortgage rates hike - all the banks now up

22 Jun 2010: The Bank of New Zealand has become the last of the major banks to announce a hike in mortgage rates following the Official Cash Rate lift earlier this month. read more >>

Is the property passion dead or just mellowing?

21 Jun 2010: Like any love affair, New Zealanders' penchant for investment property may be maturing following last month's Budget. read more >>

House sales running hot despite cooling weather

16 Jun 2010: Auckland's housing market is humming through the winter, with prices up in most suburban areas. read more >>

Your home may not be your own, says expert

16 Jun 2010: Safe as houses, right?

Colours codes for protected property

15 Jun 2010: Thousands of Auckland City home owners are being sent maps with green spots on them to show their properties merit demolition or removal controls. read more >>

Air base sites may be too pricey for first-home buyers

14 Jun 2010: Roads, artificial lakes and even playground structures are sprouting at the massive Hobsonville housing development - but political promises to make some houses affordable for first-home buyers have so far come to nothing. read more >>

Uncertain time for house sales and values

8 Jun 2010: The residential property market is facing an uncertain year as the country strives to recover from the recession and investors react to the sector's tax changes, the latest New Zealand Herald Property Report says. read more >>

Councils 'pricing Auckland out of market'

8 Jun 2010: Not enough houses are being built in Auckland and families are being forced to squeeze up because land is too expensive, an economist says. read more >>

Months of flat house prices ahead

4 Jun 2010: House prices fetched by Auckland's biggest agency are flat and might stay that way for a few more months. read more >>

Auckland property nudges up in May

3 Jun 2010: The Auckland housing market appears to be taking the May 20 budget in its stride, Auckland's biggest real estate firm says. read more >>

Winter chill cuts house-price hopes

2 Jun 2010: House prices are falling as sellers meet the winter market, says a report on the state of the sector. read more >>

Sellers dropping prices as market reaches tipping point

1 Jun 2010: Sellers are being forced to cut their asking prices as a glut of unsold properties produces sluggish sales in the residential sector. read more >>

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