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Taste for new houses back on the rise

31 Jul 2010: New Zealanders' appetite for new houses appears to be returning, according to figures out yesterday. read more >>

Investors sit in wait

30 Jul 2010: A recent survey has found the changes announced by the Government in Budget 2010 have had little impact on the confidence of property investors. read more >>

Rate rise 'nail in the coffin' for house building sector

30 Jul 2010: The Reserve Bank's interest rate rises are damaging the country's house building sector, according to Jennian Homes. read more >>

Hitting the brick wall of too much debt

29 Jul 2010: You almost have to feel for Alan Bollard. read more >>

Reserve Bank should target the housing bubble

27 Jul 2010: Now that the world has avoided going over the financial cliff, at least for now, the powers-that-be are doing a post-mortem of what went wrong. read more >>

Homes staged for a quick sale

25 Jul 2010: Property stylists who jazz up houses for sale say that homeowners are turning to them in greater numbers due to the uncertain housing market. read more >>

Home loan affordability dips in June

20 Jul 2010: New Zealand home loan affordability worsened slightly in June from May as the median house price nudged up faster than incomes, according to the latest "Roost Home Loan Affordability" report. read more >>

Chilling levels of household debt finally dawns

18 Jul 2010: In years to come New Zealanders will look back on the winter of 2010 as the moment we finally realised the last decade of growth was a sham. read more >>

Farm prices to fall a further 10pc - economist

16 Jul 2010: Rural property prices could fall a further 10 per cent in the next year, as sellers are forced to drop their asking prices to meet buyer expectation. read more >>

Mortgage approvals hit record low in mid July as housing market goes deathly quiet

16 Jul 2010:

House prices edge up as sales drop

15 Jul 2010: The number of residential property sales dropped last month, although the median price edged up. read more >>

Property prices firm up in June, but turnover low

14 Jul 2010: House prices firmed up last month, but turnover remained low says the Real Estate Institute. read more >>

Should only New Zealanders be able to buy NZ land?

12 Jul 2010: Foreigners have bought into more than 150,000 hectares of New Zealand farm land - almost the size of Stewart Island - in the past five years. read more >>

Huge sell-off of state houses planned

7 Jul 2010: Housing New Zealand plans to sell or redevelop almost a third of its 69,000 houses in a 20-year plan to meet changing needs and bring private homeowners into state housing enclaves such as Mangere and Otara. read more >>

Lower prices and sales plunge reflect weak housing market

6 Jul 2010: Auckland's residential property market is weak, economists say, with the city's largest estate agency saying sale numbers and prices are down on this time last year. read more >>

Auckland house prices slump in June

5 Jul 2010: Auckland house sales slumped last month as winter malaise set in among buyers amid declining demand in the property market. read more >>

House prices will fall: economists

3 Jul 2010: Westpac economists expect house prices to fall about 2 per cent this year and another 2 per cent next year as a result of tax changes, rising interest rates and falling population growth. read more >>

Government 'twisting knife' with new building tax review

1 Jul 2010: Private commercial property owners, corporates and listed property trusts could be big losers if there are further changes made to depreciation rules, according to an investment expert. read more >>

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