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Greens call for tighter rules on foreigners buying NZ homes

27 Apr 2010: Growing demand for Auckland homes from overseas buyers may shut young Kiwis out of the market unless the Government follows Australia's lead and tightens foreign ownership rules, Greens co-leader Russel Norman says. read more >>

NZ home loan affordability worsens as house prices nudge up

26 Apr 2010: New Zealand home loan affordability worsened slightly in March from February as house prices nudged higher, more than offsetting a slight fall in fixed mortgage rates,ís Home Loan Affordability report shows. read more >>

Hijacked over mortgage fees

25 Apr 2010: Banks are enforcing hefty fees for home-owners to roll over their fixed term loans, brokers say. read more >>

Build now 'and save $10,000'

22 Apr 2010: Now is the best time to build a house to beat potential cost rises that could add thousands to the price tag, according to PlaceMakers chief executive John Beveridge. read more >>

Booming Auckland house sales jump $709 each day

17 Apr 2010: House sales are booming nationally and Auckland leads the way with a $709 a day jump. The city last month had the biggest price rises and the most deals. read more >>

House prices soaring

16 Apr 2010: House prices have risen to their highest March level in two decades, while the number of sales broke through the 6000 barrier last month after dropping at the end of last year. read more >>

House mortgage market drying up

16 Apr 2010: The number of people who received mortgages in the first quarter of this year was 30 per cent down on 2009, as house sales stalled and investors worried about possible tax changes in the Budget. read more >>

Banks more willing to lend on mortgages

13 Apr 2010: Would-be housebuyers struggling to scrape together a deposit for a new home have a glimmer of hope, as banks appear to be loosening the purse strings. read more >>

House values up, but buyers run out of 'urgency'

12 Apr 2010: Property values are 6.1 per cent above the same time last year but buyers are cautious, commentators say. read more >>

NZ's best and worst suburbs revealed

12 Apr 2010: If you own property on Auckland's North Shore, you're in luck. read more >>

Are auctions are a good way to sell houses?

7 Apr 2010: Two leading real estate firms have gone head to head over whether auctions are a good way to sell houses. read more >>

Auckland house sales booming

7 Apr 2010: House sales in Auckland climbed to their highest level in almost two years last month, signalling an improvement in buyer confidence. read more >>

Property glut creating 'buyers' market' - property website

1 Apr 2010: New Zealand's housing market remains in negative territory with an escalation of new listings adding to a glut of homes already on the market. read more >>

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